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a former town in Boeotia

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a defeat of the Persian army by the Greeks at Plataea in 479 BC

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And Pausanias, after defeating the Persians at Plataea, orders that one tenth of all the plunder be assigned as a tithe to the god at Delphi, sufficient to construct two great statues to Zeus and Poseidon (9.
Meanwhile, in Plataea, the locals, at first terrorized by the sudden eruption of Theban soldiers, recover their courage as they perceive there is only a small body of the enemy in their midst.
The Battle of Plataea (479 BC) saw the defending Greeks face a more manageable three-to-one numerical disadvantage against the Persian invasion force; surmounting this disparity, the Greeks emerged victorious.
In an attempt to regain his name, Aristodemus conducts a suicidal charge at the final battle of Plataea.
7) The victorious land battle of Plataea, which marked the end of the Persian Wars in the aftermath of Salamis, has often been relegated to the realm of a "mop-up" operation.
Another large fire that started yesterday in the town of Plataea, 40 miles north-west of Athens, was spreading unchecked in western Attica.
To link that system in with those used by his readers, he places the Theban attack on Plataea thus: 'The thirty years' truce which was entered into after the conquest of Euboea lasted fourteen years.
A year later, after overwhelming victories at Salamis and Plataea, Greece was free.
Finally, the Spartans themselves come to believe that they had originally broken the treaty, "both on account of the attack of the Thebans on Plataea in time of peace, and also of their refusal to listen to the Athenian offer of arbitration .
Such a map was either hung in a church (itself "oriented" towards the sacred direction) to inspire recognition of the redemptive plan inscribed within its geographic content, or routinely figured in the plataea of the Mystery plays as the literal mise en scene of earthly existence.
The use of poisons as weapons dates back to 431 BC, when sulfur was burned beneath the walls of the cities of Plataea and Belium in the Athenian and Spartan Wars (7).
Close to the end of the History, after the Persians have suffered terrible defeats at Salamis, Plataea, and Mycalae, Herodotus shifts the scene briefly from political events to tell us of Xerxes' erotic longing for his brother's wife.
First, despite strategic cooperation during the Persian Wars, Sparta and Athens were deeply suspicious of each other almost from the moment they forced the Persians to retreat from the Greek mainland after the battles of Salamis, Plataea, and Mycale in 480-79 BEE.
He is attested to have composed poems or epigrams for all of the major battles of the Greco-Persian Wars: Plataea, Artemisium and Salamis.
In the months that followed the Great King's navy and army were destroyed at the battles of Salamis and Plataea.