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Synonyms for drywall

a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

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These suppliers are PT Petrojaya Boral Plaster Board which is jointly owned by two major multinational companies in building materials i.
As a result, both residential housing and industrial buildings are going up rapidly, creating a stronger demand for architectural paint and coatings, as well as for related building materials, like plaster board, produced by Comex, the country's largest paint manufacturer.
Designed to cut and split lathe strips for construction work and drive nails, the lathe hatchet was used in the era before plaster board became commonplace.
Plaster board which the trailer unit was carrying and fragments of glass were seen scattered on the road.
Corrugating medium and plaster board manufacturer Fritz Peters GmbH & Co.
If you're working with plaster board, you can drill holes with a high speed drill bit.
drywall or plaster board, use oak plywood of that thickness to maintain a level surface, or run thin strips of wood on the studs behind the 1/2-in.
She explained that the tiles, which she described as "heavy, plaster board material", fell off the supporting boards and crashed on to the cooker and kitchen floor.
We have removed some wall tiles, screws and plaster board.
Banning of soil, rubble and plaster board at the tips will see them dumped, and the council will still have to clear the site where illegal fly tipping has taken place.
He punched the plaster board wall near the head of one of the women, grabbed her and pushed her against a wall.
He busted a plaster board which fell down and made a hole in the wall.
Council officers made the move after they became aware of the owners putting up gates, changing roof tiles and placing plaster board on the walls of the building without having the relevant planning permission.
When they returned the following night they ri +pped away corrugated iron and plaster board to get into the shop.
In the family room even speakers are completely hidden, fitted behind the plaster board so the sound literally comes out of the walls.