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the victory in 1757 by the British under Clive over Siraj-ud-daula that established British supremacy over Bengal

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After the Battle of Plassey, the BEIC stripped the treasury by removing the entire accumulated treasure, devastated the agriculture by altering crop patterns, shattered the trading community by monopolising trade, altered the nature of land holdings by creating a feudal class and enhanced the land taxes unrealistically.
Oedfa o Ddiolch am ei fywyd a'i gwmni yn Capel Bethel, Plassey St.
STRICKEN The rusting remnants of the Plassey were made famous by Fr Ted
Siraj knew or suspected there was a conspiracy against him, despite Clive's earnest protestations to the contrary, and moved south to Plassey.
It seemed to be a dying drink, but people asked me for it, so I thought that I'd give it a go,' said Mr Dale, who owns the Plassey Brewery at nearby Eyton.
Robert Clive, with just 3,000 British troops, defeats 50,000 Indian and French soldiers at the Battle of Plassey, Bengal.
THE man who composed the hauntingly beautiful tune, Inisheer, has just released his second album, The Plassey On The Rocks.
Several early British victories, including the famous battle of Plassey, unfolded according to this script.
The set includes the following battles: Culloden Moor, Quebec, Plassey, Louisbourg, Balaclava, Khartoum, Zulu War, Rorke's Drift, Peking, Colenso, Inkerman, Omdurman, Majuba, and Tel El-Kebir.
Principal battles: Siege of Arcot (1751); Chandernagore, Plassey (1757); Siege of Pondicherry (1760-1761).
QAD opened a major research and development center in Plassey Technological Park in Limerick, Ireland, in July of 1998.
The domestic violence protection order, sought by the police, was granted against 55-year-old Edmund Williams, of Plassey Street, Bala.
The club, run by coaches from charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP), will run for eight weeks from October 7 at the town's Tabernacle Church in Plassey Street.
Cynhelir angladd gyhoeddus ar ddydd Gwener, Tachwedd 28, yng Nghapel Bethel, Heol Plassey, Penarth am hanner dydd, ac yna, i ddilyn, yn Amlosgfa Parc Cofiant Caerdydd a Morgannwg, Port Road, Y Barri, am 1.