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glucose in the bloodstream

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Fasting Plasma Glucose [greater than or equal to]110 mg/dL * Three or more features are required to make the diagnosis of Metabolic syndrome.
Random plasma glucose showed strong positive correlation with glycated haemoglobin (p=0.
The SGLT-2 inhibitors reduce renal glucose reabsorption, leading to a lower plasma glucose concentration.
Random plasma glucose [greater than or equal to] 200 mg/dl in a patient with classic symptoms.
To determine the concentrations and enrichments of plasma glucose and Leu, plasma [U-[sup.
We determine a model for all plasma glucose concentration, generalized insulin and plasma insulin.
Type 1 neurons exhibited maximal activity when exposed to a plasma glucose level of 5.
Prediabetes was noted to be based on 2-hour postprandial glucose of 140199 mg/dL, fasting plasma glucose of 100-125 mg/dL, or hemoglobin [A.
Each venous blood sample was collected into an EDTA tube except for a 3 mL aliquot, which was placed into a Sodium Flouride di-sodic EDTA for subsequent plasma glucose colorimetric determination.
The new recommendations suggest that pregnant women should be diagnosed with gestational diabetes if they have a fasting plasma glucose level of 5.
As glucose is a primary energy substrate for the Central Nervous System, the maintenance of adequate plasma glucose levels (glucose homeostasis), regardless the nutritional status of the individual, is essential.
All cases of diabetes in the age groups of 25 years or less with fasting plasma glucose >126 mg/dl and/or 2 hr post load plasma glucose >200mg/dl, referred/ non-referred, treated/untreated residing within the assigned geographical area are included who reported after January 1st, 2000.
subjects with a fasting plasma glucose > 126 mg/dL and/or 2 hour plasma glucose level > 200 mg/dL and/or HbA1c > 6.
A 63-year-old man with metastatic lung cancer admitted for severe hip pain and malaise was noted to have erratic daily morning plasma glucose concentrations, with several critical values below 40 mg/dL (<2.