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Synonyms for plash

the sound like water splashing


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interlace the shoots of

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or 'Where are Ely House, Plashy, Langley and Berkeley?
Hoo far is't Te waak te toon - this clarty road an' plashy weathor?
In "Moyulla," for example, the poet balances against the "long centrifugal haulage of speed" not of a machine but of a river into which he has waded, redressing her: "to walk up to the bib/upstream, in the give and take/of her deepest, draggiest purchase,/ countering, parting,//getting back at her, sourcing/her and your plashy sell" (59).
The topicality of the book, reviewed on a day when the government announced plans for the construction of a fourteen-lane motorway across the middle of Surrey, is dramatically evident in a quotation from the Excursion: |The foot-path faintly marked, the horse-track wild, And formidable length of plashy lane .
Gold Medallion home - fit domicile for Aphrodite, "the golden one" - located by "a ferny dell and a plashy little brook with a rustic bridge" (p.