plane angle

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an angle formed by two straight lines (in the same plane)

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Co-relation between ANB angle, wits value and SN plane angle.
Tables I-V shows distribution of mandibular plane angle, palatal Vault (transverse plane), maxillary and mandibular arch crowding and spacing, molar and canine relations respectively between the groups.
3) circular scale method is put in practice for determining plane angle comparing it with the etalon scale or using a full circle with two, three or four microscopes.
The metal cutting theorist would like to help with this question but, along the way, might also like to predict shear plane angle, cutting forces, and temperatures, as well as estimating the likely tool life at any given speed.
The cephalometric measurements used to assess vertical control were: Y-axis, occlusal plane angle, FMA, PP.
The goniometer provides a measurement of the frontal plane angle between the thigh and leg and did not account for lower extremity or knee positioning involving thigh or leg rotation.
Generally, there are several groups of plane angle measurement methods which could be implemented for the mentioned task [1].
It contains the indenter, which is diamond pyramid as per Vickers, with 136-degree plane angle to meet industry requirements.
Units and Symbols Quantity Name Symbol Equivalent to: Length metre m -- Time second s -- minute min -- hour h -- Mass Kilogram kg -- Electric current ampere A -- Plane angle radian rad -- Capacity litre L [10.
The real angle made by two great circles (X) = the plane angle made by lines tangent to them at their point of intersection (Y).
OSAS patients tended to have a posteriorly positioned and posteriorly rotated mandible with a higher gonial angle, a longer lower facial height, a greater mandibular plane angle, and a moderately retracted chin.
Seat depth, seat plane angle, seat-to-floor height, back height and seat width are all custom fitted.
Richardson21 concluded that there was significant greater lower facial height (LFH) and increased mandibular plane angle in AOB patients.
This paper primarily analyzes the dynamics features about the linear suspension motion of the submarine, models the nonlinear relationship between the rudder angle and the posture change, and designs the controller to dynamic feedback for the plane angle and the vertical rudder angle according to the conditions of global asymptotic stability controlled by the submarine track and the physical significance controlled by the differential on the nonlinear proportion of the track.