Planck's law

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(physics) the basis of quantum theory

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Planck's law is often used to define the no-feedback response.
Does it, as Kirchhoff and Planck maintain, equal the intensity of black radiation which we can now quantify according to Planck's Law of 1914; or does the radiation density in the cavity fall short of the black body level at some or all frequencies because of the imperfect absorption and emission of the object in the cavity, as Robitaille claims?
But from an experiment on one photonic crystal, the Sandia team reports that in the band of wavelengths with the most intense emissions, the heated material yields three times as much infrared radiation as Planck's law permits.
According to Lin, their "results do not necessarily break Planck's Law, but only modifies it by demonstrating the creation of a new class of emitters.
Johnson affirms in [section] 2, relative to Planck's law, that .
Hence, all applications of Planck's law in astronomy would very likely constitute violations of its required setting.
According to Planck's law, the energy of the photon is inversely proportional to the wavelength of light; therefore, the ratio of observed to emitted fluxes should be multiplied by the wavelength ratio of emitted to observed light.