specific performance

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the performance of a legal contract as specified by its terms

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The model encourages lawyers to research whether some aspect of the plaintiff's conduct raises juror suspicion, causing jurors to mistrust the plaintiff and the case.
Although county produced evidence to show that plaintiff's conduct increased the risk he would be injured, such evidence pertains to plaintiff's comparative fault--a question for the jury," he wrote.
Moreover, mitigation of damages concerns a plaintiff's conduct after an accident, not before.
CCH said it is designed to give litigating attorneys new and creative ways to approach the law" and covers such topics as theories of liability, the defect, problems of proof and causation, warnings and defenses based on the plaintiff's conduct.
Will the plaintiff's conduct be taken into account and considered to reduce damages?
It should also be noted that EMCC, European Micro plc and Messer's Gallagher and Shields have filed a Complaint against the Plaintiffs and Big Blue Europe as a nominal defendant in Holland for damages incurred by, among others, Big Blue Europe as a result of Plaintiff's conduct.