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of the plains of central and eastern Africa

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In addition to revealing nine different subpopulations of plains zebras, the new genetic analysis also suggested that all the members of the zebra species can trace back their lineage almost 370,000 years to a large area of wetlands of the Zambezi and Okavango basins in southern Africa, and that the extinct quagga is a "plains zebra variation.
We cannot say for sure that exactly nine plains zebra populations exist, and no more," Heller said.
It's not too difficult to tell the two species apart: the Grevy's is larger than the plains zebra, with narrower stripes, distinctive round ears, a black dorsal stripe and a white belly.
The Plains zebra group once included the famous extinct quagga, so our results confirm that this group was highly variable in both coat colour and size," Cooper said.
The native plains zebra of South Africa were largely killed in previous times.
The quagga was, in fact, the same species as the living plains zebra," confirms Eric Harley, a geneticist (gene scientist) from the University of Cape Town in South Africa.
That means it's possible to breed quaggas from plains zebras.
DNA analysis eventually proved that quaggas were a subspecies of the plains zebra, not a separate species.
Using funds raised privately from donations, Mr Rau scoured game reserves in South Africa and neighbouring Namibia for plains zebra that looked most like quaggas.
Only the plains zebra (also called the common zebra or Burchell's zebra) are plentiful in numbers.
Grant zebras, for example, are the smallest of four different types of plains zebras.
Some contend, on the basis of the quagga skins preserved in museums, that this front-striped animal is a zebra, either a fourth zebra species or a variant of the Plains zebra, whose hindquarter stripes are dim.
The quagga sample bound more of the antibodies against Plains zebra serum than against the other species.
At a shallow river, a herd of plains zebras mingles with an elephant and some wildebeest.
The team selected normal plains zebras with quagga characteristics, a brownish tinge to the coat and reduced striping on the rump and legs, and began a breeding programme.