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Encouraging the reader to accept God's grace in order to more fully experience the richness of life, Celebrating the Rest of Your Life is a profound yet plain-spoken testimonial sure to resonate with readers regardless of individual faith.
Reggae fancier or not, anybody with an ear for a great song elegantly fashioned will dig such revelations as Jackie Edwards' ``Invasion,'' Errol Dunkley's ``Stop Your Gun Shooting,'' the plain-spoken truth of Bruce Ruffin's ``The Bitterness of Life'' and other fine platters available on CD for the first time.
For his part, the plain-spoken Cleveland native says he can meet that challenge by staying focused on three very simple things: "One is to grow our customers, two is to manage our risks and three is customer satisfaction," he says.
The spare acoustic settings and plain-spoken lyrics convey powerful, often messy emotions without straining for effect.
The plain-spoken backbencher told the scientist he was 'chaff' and a 'fall guy' who had been 'set up' by the Government.
The plain-spoken, Texas-born tapper was quick with quips and generous with her memories.
President Bush, speaking from his Texas ranch, said, 'Paul Wellstone was a man of deep convictions, a plain-spoken fellow who did his best for his state and his country.
The least marriageable, because she is plain and plain-spoken, is Maggie.
Mastering Your Inner Game offers a plain-spoken guide to the techniques that have worked for all kinds of athletes from tennis to football.
Thanks for publishing a magazine of plain-spoken, practical reading.
Breu is of considerable historical interest, however, not simply as the creator of secular woodcuts and history paintings, but as the author of a strikingly plain-spoken chronicle of the city of Augsburg, composed in the critical years between 1512 and his death in 1536.
I've always been plain-spoken, without guile," Jones says.