Black Death

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the epidemic form of bubonic plague experienced during the Middle Ages when it killed nearly half the people of western Europe

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This year you can meet the infamous plague doctor Dr Paulitious who will, with the help of scratchcards (itch itch), be checking all of our visitors to determine the infected ones that walk among us.
Cipolla, Faith, Reason and the Plague in Seventeen Century Tuscany (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1977), 13; "A Plague Doctor," in Harry Miskimin, David Herlihy, and A.
A feared plague doctor IF you were able to travel back in time to the Newcastle of 380 years ago, you might recognise two or three familiar landmarks.
The book was originally meant for release in June to coincide with the date of plague doctor Rae getting the job.
The plague doctor was a special medical physician of the Middle Ages who saw people who had the bubonic plague.
Did the plague doctor scare victims or help cure them?
Meet the singing plague victim\s, the plague doctor, the rotten rat-catcher, the stinking gong farmer, the deadly bowman and the hilarious grave diggers,' says the PR blurb.
You can also discover stories of Sweeney Todd and his side kick Mrs Lovett, Guy Fawkes and the Plague Doctor.
Other hands-on activities available throughout the weekend include Renaissance Medicine, where you can dress up as a plague doctor and make your own plague boils, and Astronomy, which allows you to discover Uranus and its moons named after Shakespeare's characters.
There will also be visits throughout the day from the Plague Doctor and the Infamous Witchfinder among other creepy characters
Prepare to be faced with a damning diagnosis from Dr John Paulitious - the infamous Edinburgh plague doctor who came to a very sweaty, bloody and gangrenous end himself way back in 1645.