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an alluvial deposit that contains particles of some valuable mineral

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According to the deal, One Gro and Placido agreed to make an initial repayment on Jan.
Placido - one of the famous Three Tenors - has an estimated PS150million fortune and has rubbed shoulders with US presidents.
A statement from her representative said: "Jodie was arrested four months ago and charged last night with harassment for texts she sent Mr Placido asking for her father's money back.
Yunpeng has won Placido Domingo's Operalia (World Opera Competition), performed in concerts and opera houses worldwide and is regularly invited to perform with Domingo himself.
Invito a cantar con el a la soprano mexicana mas importante de los ultimos 50 anos por lo menos, Maria Katzarava, se enmarco con la Orquesta Sinfonica de Mineria con la direccion huesped de Eugene Kohn, y en un buen tramo bajo la batuta de Jose Arean--a quien generosamente Placido presento--, y la audicion se prolongo por mas de tres horas, tiempo inusual en este tipo de eventos.
Placido recalls that every year, on July 18, - the day Nelson Mandela was born - the United Nations joins a call by the Nelson Mandela Foundation to devote 67 minutes of time to helping others, as a way to mark Nelson Mandela International Day.
If evil tongues do not call Placido Domingo to Armenia, Taron Margaryan will remain of his position of the Yerevan
Considerado como el evento artistico mas relevante en los ultimos tiempos, el Gobierno del Estado de Guerrero, a traves del Instituto Guerrerense la Cultura se complace en invitar a la presentacion en Acapulco del tenor Placido Domingo, quien ofrecera un recital en el escenario natural de Playa Tamarindos, lugar turistico emblematico de los conciertos en la zona tradicional de Acapulco.
Italo thesp-turned-helmer Michele Placido ("Vallanzasca") crosses the border into France for "The Lookout," a gritty cops-and-crooks caper in which the bad guys are in cahoots with a sniper.
For the most part, the house is close to the way it was when Placido occupied it, with high ceilings and arched doorways, a vestibule, an old style kitchen counter, a separate sink, and a bathroom with the original tub.
Kultur is proud to announce the DVD release of Placido Domingo in Leoncavallo's Pagliacci available September 25, 2012.
Susan Boyle has fulfilled another dream - to record a duet with opera great Placido Domingo.
POP flop Charlotte Church hopes opera legend Placido Domingo can help relaunch her classical singing career.