Pitt the Elder

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English statesman who brought the Seven Years' War to an end (1708-1778)

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In 1899 he stayed at Number 5 the Circus, during a visit at which he received the city's freedom, and unveiled mural tablets to William Pitt the younger at Number 15 Johnstone Street, and William Pitt the elder at Number 7 the Circus.
By using sea power to defeat France in the Seven Years War, William Pitt the Elder achieved in the 1750s what Cromwell and Charles had imagined but lacked resources to accomplish.
If Euan became an MP it would put him on track to being Prime Minister - making the Blairs the first father and son to hold the top job since Pitt the Younger followed Pitt the Elder more than 200 years ago.
The English, however, quickly dislodged the French and renamed the settlement in honour of William Pitt the Elder.
Well over one hundred individual correspondents are represented, including Baretti, Thomas Davies, Paoli, William Pitt the Elder, and John Wilkes.
The Birmingham MP also has a painting of William Shakespeare by Louis-Franois Roubiliac, a French artist best known for his sculpture, as well as a portrait by William Hoare of the 18th century Whig Prime Minister William Pitt, known as Pitt the Elder.
But Stuart had hastened the downfall of his beloved predecessor William Pitt the Elder, an act he was hated for by many English.
If Pitt the Elder had been younger or Pitt the Younger had been older we might have stood a chance of persuading or defeating the colonists, but poor, decent-minded, hard-working Lord North never stood much of a hope.
The leading statesman at home was Pitt the Elder, a marvellous orator (so we are told-oratory was an ephemeral art in those days), a fairly neurotic character, apt to burst into tears if asked to conduct business, but occupying a position in the nation not far from that held by Winston Churchill in 1945.
He is also a freeman of the town - along with WILLIAM PITT the ELDER and LORD NELSON.
William Pitt the Elder was Prime Minister in the 18th century and his son William Pitt the Younger also held the highest political office