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hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitocin)

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So the natural process of laying the new baby on the mother's tummy so that it can crawl up to find its own source of nourishment (her breast), has been blocked first by the drug Pitocin and then the practice of having both mother and baby being "drugged" at birth.
Medical abortion using mifepristone or misoprostol, although becoming more common globally, was rare in any type of facility (1% of cases overall), however, pitocin (a synthetic form of the hormone oxytocin used to induce labor) was administered in 5% of cases, primarily to women in their second trimester who were treated in hospitals.
Modern, hospital-based obstetrics is marked by a proclivity toward technology: 31 percent of births are now delivered by cesarean section, 22 percent involve labor-speeding medication such as pitocin, and 63 percent involve epidural analgesia.
Sekarieh gave the example of a drug named Pitocin which is used by pregnant women to strengthen the contraction of the uterus when the baby wants to come out.
But the fact that the doctors induced labor by giving her the drug pitocin left Lake disenchanted and planning a home birth for her second child.
During this time pitocin was administered intermittently, and an internal hear monitor was put in place.
The initial vial of Pitocin (10[micro]g/ml OT) was combined with a 1 liter bag of saline and administered at an initial low rate of 10 ml/h in an effort to minimize potential side effects.
These initiatives include emphasizing better communication between obstetric nurses and physicians; discouraging or prohibiting labor inductions prior to 39 weeks (unless medically necessary); and curtailing the use of Pitocin, a synthetic form of the hormone oxytocin often used to induce or speed up labor.
83% of respondents had an IV, 76% had an epidural, 75% had one or more vaginal exams, 56% were catheterized, 47% had artificial rapture of membranes, and 47% were given Pitocin to speed up their labors.
The patient's labor was augmented with pitocin and after approximately 14 hours, her cervix failed to dilate beyond 7 cm with 75% effacement and a station of zero.
6,7,16) In Rio Grande do Sul, older women argued that induction and increased pain from pitocin often helped in obtaining a caesarean section, as "proof" that labour would not succeed.
You can check into the hospital, we'll start some pitocin, and get you an epidural so that you'll be comfortable for the entire process.
induction by administration of misoprostol, high-dose pitocin or prostaglandin suppository) at 14-24 weeks of gestation.
Labor was induced with Pitocin, but fetal monitoring showed tachycardia with decreased variability.