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hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitocin)

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Nurse Sharon Hall testified that Nurse Schmidt breached the standard of care by failing to discontinue the Pitocin and by failing to summon Dr.
The pitocin felt like "liquid evil" pumping into my veins.
This theme conveyed the essence of the plaintiff's contention that a nurse who had been trained in a foreign country and given responsibility for direct patient care administered Pitocin, a dangerous drug, without a doctor's order at a time when it was improper to do so.
Induction is the artificial initiation of labor, often by using an IV drug called Pitocin.
Portadin determined that Pitocin should be administered.
uses this technique, the fetal skull changes shape; primips will be complete in less than an hour and multips usually in 20 minutes with an epidural and pitocin running so you have an adequate contraction.
Her entry into the conscious world was not "timely" enough for our midwifery practice and was rushed along with pitocin.
Pitocin augmentation and induction is another area fraught with liability.
Of those, only three were transported--one for pitocin augmentation, one for possible fetal distress, and one for suspected CPD (cephalopelvic disproportion).
LAS VEGAS -- From a legal standpoint, your hospital guidelines for the preparation and administration of Pitocin are a double-edged sword in the case of a bad birth outcome, Stephen Crandall advised at a conference on fetal monitoring sponsored by Symposia Medicus.
This only makes sense--the ultimate female act is giving birth, and the births I gave before my sixth were coercive, violent, not, for the most part, an act of a woman; but the output of an attachment, of a medical machine, of a pitocin drip, an epidural catheter, a prostaglandin smear.
Oftentimes, I see nurses turning the Pitocin up, even in the presence of all of these patterns and we're at 1-2 minute uterine contractions," Ms.
Women who choose to have an epidural or whose labor requires medical intervention, such as pitocin, can transfer to the second floor and still have a midwife for their birth.
Conversely, Pitocin use declined from 32% of all the youngest women to 15% in the oldest cohort.
What is described as a normal and natural US birth could, and has become in some areas, a birth with an IV, AROM, Demerol, pitocin, epidural, internal fetal monitor, catheter, and an episiotomy, not to mention what's done to the baby after the birth.