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former genus of primitive apelike men now Homo erectus

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Pero su morfologia es intermedia entre la de los humanos modernos y ancestros como el Pithecanthropus.
Man as a biological being, endowed with a certain (not unlimited) adaptability to his external environment, and with certain impulses towards activity and the pursuit of happiness, subject to old age and death, is not an abstract construction, nor one of our prehistoric ancestors, a species of pithecanthropus now superseded by historical and social man, but still exists in each of us and in all probability will still exist in the future.
He named this missing link Pithecanthropus alalus ("ape man without speech").
Con la evidencia disponible hasta ahora cabe suponer que el Ramapithecus dio origen al Australopithecus, un primate mas avanzado, que a su vez evoluciono dando origen al Pithecanthropus u Homo erectus del cual emergio el Homo sapiens en sus dos subespecies: Homo sapiens neanderthalensis y Homo sapiens sapiens u hombre moderno.
Recibio varias denominaciones: Sinanthropus u hombre de Pekin, en China; Pithecanthropus u hombre de Java, en Indonesia, Atlanthropus en el norte de Africa.
44) Other inspirational factors were many significant archaeological discoveries, including Eugene Dubois's Javan Pithecanthropus (1891-94), the Homo sapiens skeletons of Grimaldi (1901), and Combe Capelle (1909), the archaic Mauer jaw (1907), and the Neanderthal remains of Le Moustier, La-Chapelle-aux-Saints, and La Ferrassie (1908).
45) Class S1 words: Pretonic heavy syllables get secondary stress: bandana, Nantucket, pontoon, canteen, centurion, cantankerous, bacteria, October, extrinsic, cognition, privation, vocation, citation, ejection, Halicarnassus, pithecanthropus, apothegmatic, animadversion
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