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Red Pitaya is a privately-owned, Slovenian company established in 2013 with the goal of changing the test and measurement market.
2013), did not show a defined behavior with the increment of temperature, suggesting that external conditions have higher influence on pitaya peel dehydration.
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The tissue-cultured seedlings of red pitaya display a survival rate of up to 100% by optimized procedure of domestication and transplantation.
Zohdi, Microencapsulation of Purified Amylase Enzyme from Pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) Peel in Arabic Gum-Chitosan Using Freeze Drying, Molecules.
Frieda's offerings include an Israeli dragon fruit, called pitaya, which has a mild, delicate favor.
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Other participating artists and groups include the famous US sculptor Jen Lewin, the internationally famous installation artist, painter and sculptor Lita Albuquerque, PITAYA, Miroslav Struzik, TILT, Alaa Minawi, FLYNN TALBOT and STORY BOX.
Duenas Y, Narvaez C, Restrepo L (2008) Busqueda de las mejores condiciones para la extraccion y medida de actividad de celulasa y xilanasa extraidas de la corteza de pitaya amarilla (Acanthocereus pitajaya).
Zinodin and Baba (2009) also reported adding 10 % of water-soluble extracts of white varieties of Pitaya fruit improved features phenolic in yogurts [30].