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a stop during an automobile trip for rest and refreshment

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a brief stop at a pit during an automobile race to take on fuel or service the car

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The ambitious plan to create what is believed to be the world's first glow-in-the-dark pit stop combined Epson's market leading products with the proven excellence of the reigning Formula One World Constructors' Champions, MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Motorsport, featuring three-time World Champion driver, Lewis Hamilton.
Riedel installs cameras inside the pit lane and on the pit boxes so the team can see when a car is coming in for a pit stop.
Dance to energetic music with mixed moves of hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa and aerobics at the Zumba Pit Stop.
Williams' pit stops have been a real success story for the team this year, recording the fastest stops of any team at each of the first three races of the season.
This ensures quicker pit stops and fewer long detours as users can search for places like gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and more along their route on Google Maps.
Pit stop time came up and once again gremlins struck as during the driver change over, the engine shut off due to over- heating and by the time my teammate managed to restart and get back on track, we lost a place which cost us a good race win.
There will also be unexpected pit stops which can sometimes mean a complete change of engine - but to the pit crews, this can take a mere six minutes.
Participants followed the given route instructions based on the odometer in search for hidden clues on their way to each pit stop, every pit-stop had a different activity ranging from kayaking, puzzles to fitness boot camps give all participants a unique experience.
Voices have been raised to underline the fact various teams, some of whom got to the podium and others who were quite a way off, made four pit stops in the recent Spanish Grand Prix, making the race hard to follow.
Now we've worked so hard on getting the pit stops as quick as possible, but maybe we have to back off a little to get a bit more consistency.
Alonso held the lead from the beginning, while pit stop strategy gained Jenson Button a place on his third and final stop on lap 40, when he pitted a lap earlier than Alonso and Vettel for his final set of mediums.
Pre-Foreign Service pit stops were Uruguay, Spain, Singapore, Texas, California, Vermont and Colorado, and our post-FS pit stop is Arizona.
He blasted his faithful McLaren team, rivals Ferrari and Red Bull, his car's software, his pit stops - and even a couple of pitboards yesterday.
The situation is that pit stops are all part of the game, and Ferrari's only way to beat Mark was to cover him in the pit stops.
Gone are the days of processional races, with grands prix so far packed with overtaking manoeuvres and multiple pit stops.