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a stop during an automobile trip for rest and refreshment

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a brief stop at a pit during an automobile race to take on fuel or service the car

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Pit stop time came up and once again gremlins struck as during the driver change over, the engine shut off due to over- heating and by the time my teammate managed to restart and get back on track, we lost a place which cost us a good race win.
There will also be unexpected pit stops which can sometimes mean a complete change of engine - but to the pit crews, this can take a mere six minutes.
While two Grand Prize winners will have the opportunity to upgrade their personal pit stops, eight runners-up will get to experience a big race from a different perspective with pit-row passes during a race weekend getaway.
Participants followed the given route instructions based on the odometer in search for hidden clues on their way to each pit stop, every pit-stop had a different activity ranging from kayaking, puzzles to fitness boot camps give all participants a unique experience.
Montoya made two pit stops under caution in the final 40 laps for fuel and fresh tires but never was able to rebound and regain track position in the lead pack.
Voices have been raised to underline the fact various teams, some of whom got to the podium and others who were quite a way off, made four pit stops in the recent Spanish Grand Prix, making the race hard to follow.
Now we've worked so hard on getting the pit stops as quick as possible, but maybe we have to back off a little to get a bit more consistency.
But when you have pit stops every 10 to 15 laps, I think it makes it really difficult for the people in the crowd to watch and to follow.
Tracing the trails is only another part of the fun as page after page of startling racetracks tumble on, while the busy little frog pit stop helpers and fixers help fuzzy motorists get on their way again after patch-up pit stops.
WELSH racing star Hywel Lloyd and his CF Racing team have been busy this week practising their pit stops ahead of this weekend's visit to Rockingham.
With the banning of refuelling, and at least eight drivers in with a chance of winning the title, pit stops will be crucial this season.
As soon as you get over the initial learning about pit stops and starts, and learning about your opponents in a race situation, it's not really that much different,' he added.
was leading the Elite Division race at lap 75, when all drivers were required to make mandatory pit stops.
As the British Grand Prix looms this weekend at Silverstone, we're talking about pit stops which, other than the screaming melee when the cars roar away from the start and jockey for position into the first corner, are the most crucial moments in any Formula One race.