reciprocating engine

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an internal-combustion engine in which the crankshaft is turned by pistons moving up and down in cylinders

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6% for multilayered ceramic coated piston engine when compared to uncoated piston engine.
The LICELGIS adopts opposed two-cylinder configuration, and the linear generator is located between two free piston engines.
William LaPlante, assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, said the service wants to hit the "sweet spot" between the capabilities of turbine and piston engines.
The free piston engine (FPE), however, offers the ultimate flexibility for variable compression ratio control by eliminating the crankshaft.
Furthermore, he says, nearly all of the latest generation of piston engines come factory-certified to operate on mogas.
It will also help Continental Motors compete globally in markets such as the one in China, where demand for piston engines is expected to grow over the next decade.
We were used to seeing all sorts of unusual aircraft taking off such as ex-bombers with two of their four piston engines replaced by jet engines.
The extension to aeroDAC's EASA Part 21 Subpart J Design Organisation Approval also includes some aspects of powerplant activity covering minor modifications and repairs to turbine engines, in addition to major modifications and repairs to piston engines, the company said.
Radial piston engines were integrated into the prow of large, black fastback sedans as aircraft raced around menacing pylons jutting up from the earth.
The companies have a common objective of developing a clean-burning new source of power for vehicles, which are currently using gasoline-driven piston engines," said REGI and Reg Technologies president John Robertson.