Pistacia terebinthus

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a Mediterranean tree yielding Chian turpentine

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This species was overlooked by Loret, who believed Pistacia terebinthus to be the main source.
The vegetation in the lower elevation (below 800 m) and the sunny aspects (the southern range of the mountainous mass) represents a Eu-Mediterranean community dominated by Pinus brutia with associated species such as Olea oleaster, Quercus ilex, Quercus coccifera, Pistacia terebinthus, Paliurus spina-christi, Spartium junceum, Cistus cretaegus, Strax officinalis in Buldan district.
Acids 1 and 2 have also been isolated from Schinus terebinthifolius and Pistacia terebinthus, showing an anti-PL[A.
Anti-inflammatory triterpenes from Pistacia terebinthus galls.
Close to cultivated areas, about 10 km north of the site, areas of scrubland contain a complete range of low-lying ligneous vegetation: from Quercus coccifera and Brachypodium ramosum to very low-lying areas of woodland containing Quercus pubescens, Quercus ilex and Pistacia terebinthus.