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The reserve aims at protecting the oak, pistacia, allowing them to form a forest and increasing the plants diversity and maintain the rare species like the Syrian Maple, peach bear, and redeploying the extinct animals like the bear, deer and caribou.
Pistacia integerrima (Anacardiacea) leaf galls, commonly known as kakadshingi, is an appendage of the plant.
Chapter 37 of the book of Genesis mentions ladanum (mastic), a resin derived from the Pistacia lentiscus tree, which has been used in Mediterranean countries for breath freshening for thousands of years.
With that in mind, mastic's resinous exudate, obtained from the stem and main leaves of Pistacia lentiscus trees, poses a significant means for exorcizing our modern demons.
1994) "Identification of a RAPD marker linked to sex determination in Pistacia vera using bulked segregant analysis".
In one very large nursery, we found many riches for our gardens, but one particular find that instilled in me overwhelming excitement was a very small pistachio plant - Pistacia vera - full of rich promises that it would mature into a 10-metre-tall, handsome, fruiting tree.
Mastic gum is made from the resin of Pistacia lentiscus, a small evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean.
Among them: two species native to North America, Pistacia mexicana and P.
The effects of temperature on in vitro pollen germination and pollen tube growth of Pistacia spp.
Mastic gum is a natural resin that is excreted from Pistacia lentiscus var.