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Synonyms for pistachio

small tree of southern Europe and Asia Minor bearing small hard-shelled nuts

nut of Mediterranean trees having an edible green kernel

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Another split decision, between Antonio Federici Pistacchio Gelato, a premium Italian ice cream from Fredericks Dairies, which employs family recipes, and Loseley's Cognac Ice Cream, which is enriched with Courvoisier.
El creador de los objetos de consumo termina siendo un esclavo de sus mismas creaciones, cuestion prioritaria de atender recuperando un poco de la INTELECTUALIDAD CRITICA perdida para realizar las tareas necesarias minimas senaladas por Pistacchio (2006): produccion de sentido, recuperacion del pasado, mostrar lo invisible y el que las cosas no son inevitables.
The breeze rarely lifts its voice above a whisper and the waves come ashore so timidly you can almost hear them apologising for licking at sand the colour of the pistacchio ice cream they sell in the beach hut cafe.
Alexian had a new Alsatian Sausage with Pistacchio, a pork-based sausage made with all-natural ingredients.
As of the end of July it will begin producing Coppa Spaghetti, Coppa Amarena, Coppa Tiramisu, Tartufo Classico, Coppa Pralinata, Coppa Pistacchio and Coppa Beatrix.
Milk Products Lowfat pistacchio ice cream, lime sherbet, yogurt or milk with green food coloring
MRV's HD pluggable optical module's compatibility with standards-based optical transport equipment enables our transport architecture to support uncompressed HDTV signals effortlessly over varied network environments," said Dave Pistacchio, general manager of Optimum Lightpath.
5 (tie), Peter Campbell, UCLA, 70-72-142; Kevin Chappell, UCLA, 73-69-142; George Gandranata, California, 72-70-142; Brian Locke, Loyola Marymount, 69-73-142 and Nate Pistacchio, UC Davis, 73-69-142.
In questa ridda di entrate e di uscite, di baratti e di equivoci, si destreggiano gli scaltri e desabuses Vespino servo mascherato e Pistacchio caffettiere ("in questi abiti?
Ali Baba's fish dinner done with, our man Floyd commandeers a kitchen and within moments has sea bass wrapped in filo pastry with pistacchio nuts, sultanas, mint, lemon and butter in the oven, while he batters a chicken breast to wrap around more nuts, mint and cheese.
Italian specialties (Coppa Spaghetti, Coppa Amarena, Coppa Tiramisu, Tartufo Classico, Coppa Pralinata, Coppa Pistacchio, Coppa Beatrix), with a capacity of 24,000 pieces an hour.
It offers the certainty of service and quality of performance businesses require today," said David Pistacchio, general manager, Optimum Lightpath.
More recently, the range has been extended with the introduction of Coppa Pralinata (nougat and marzipan ice cream accented with chocolate) and Coppa Pistacchio.
Optimum Lightpath prides itself on delivering the highest level of quality to our customers," said Dave Pistacchio, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Optimum Lightpath.
Durigon GmbH of Uthlede, Germany (Fax: 49-42-96-14-58) unveiled three new retail packs, namely: Nicolaus, a 1,000ml Christmas holiday treat featuring vanilla and strawberry ice cream with Amerena-Kirsch Sorbet shaped in the form of Santa Claus; Coppa Pistacchio, and Coppa Pralinata (both offered in units of three per 170ml box).