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Synonyms for pistachio

small tree of southern Europe and Asia Minor bearing small hard-shelled nuts

nut of Mediterranean trees having an edible green kernel

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A rich Pistacchio cream made exclusively with the infamous pistachios from Sicily, the product is ideal for any type of dessert that calls for cream.
Pistacchio, who resides on Long Island, joined Cablevision in 1994 and has served in several senior executive positions in Information Technology throughout Cablevision and Rainbow Media including EVP & CIO.
Our diverse array of customers includes sophisticated and dynamic businesses, based in the largest, most vibrant business communications market in the world," said Dave Pistacchio.
CONTACT: Media contacts: Lisa Pistacchio, pistacchio@sgi.
CONTACT: Lisa Pistacchio of SGI, +1-650-933-5683, pistacchio@sgi.
CONTACT: Lisa Pistacchio, PR Programs Team Manager of SGI, +1-650-933- 5683, pistacchio@sgi.
CONTACT: Media, Lisa Pistacchio of SGI, +1-650-933-5683, pistacchio@sgi.
Contact: Lisa Pistacchio PR Programs Team Manager SGI pistacchio@sgi.
MEDIA CONTACT Lisa Pistacchio SGI Corporate pistacchio@sgi.