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Nobody's told them the Pisonia is better known as the Bird Eating Tree, because its sticky sap traps them.
Berry (BB); 2 [female], 2 juveniles, Grinem Island, coconut litter in Pisonia forest, 21 June 1969, J.
A comparative floral developmental study in Pisonia, Bougainvillea and Mirabilis (Nyctaginaceae) with special emphasis on the gynoecium and floral nectaries.
the tropical tree Pisonia grandis), affecting bird mobility off of plants (Gauger 1999, Burger 2005).
The area consists of coral rubble substrate and is sparsely vegetated with Pisonia (Pisonia grandis) trees, ~1.
Pisonia grandis and Cynometra ramiflora dominate the canopy of this forest type, and C.