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24) Redep, Prica, 252-62, Miodrag Maticki, Ponovnice: tipovi odnosa usmene i pisane knjizevnosti (Novi Sad: Knjizevna zajednica Novog Sada, 1989), 52-55.
Forse perche una piu antica storia di lavoro umano e condensata e compresa in queste miniere, che furono gia cartaginesi e romane e pisane, abbandonate e riaperte tante volte, ricchissime di vicende [.
Other than the obvious benefits of girls, girls and more girls, Mark's generally happy with life in a boyband - with Kevin McDaid, Leon Pisane, Antony Brant and Aaron Buckingham - and he is even comfortable with that much-hated label.
We're proud to be a boyband,' insists V's Leon Pisane, the former Cantonian High School choir boy who's about to achieve big things with his first group.
mu, pi = pium (OED) mu, psi = Pisum mu, rho = humor mu, san = manus mu, tau = autum (FW) nu, nu = nu-nu> (OED nu 1970q) nu, omega = Mongeau (websites surname) nu, phi = unhip nu, psi = Pinus nu, rho = Huron no, sampi = Pisanum (OED pisane etym.