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Synonyms for piranha

someone who attacks in search of booty

small voraciously carnivorous freshwater fishes of South America that attack and destroy living animals

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Darius recently bought some provocative lingerie for his girl friend from Pink Pirhana in Royal Exchange Square.
Some of the flavours included in the range are: Toucan Twirl, vanilla flavoured ice cream swirled with lemon and tangerine sherbet; Anaconda Colada, coconut cream flavoured ice cream with pineapple variegate and coconut zigzag; Pirhana Parfait, pistachio flavoured ice cream with chocolate fudge variegate and roasted cashews, and Macaw Macadamia, toasted coconut ice cream with toasted coconut and macadamia nuts.
It already supplies the spring devices, which control the detonation of the bomb, to the RAF, as well as other spring-related components for the Warrior and Pirhana armoured cars, which saw service in the Balkans, and the Challenger II tank.
Even the vegetarian Pacu pirhana will attack a newcomer.
AS the two fish in your sign - one the goldfish and one the pirhana - swim in different directions you'll need to decide which one you represent.
Each track is titled after one of the eight teams in the game, Auricom, Goteki 45, Feisar, Icaras and Pirhana.