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The discovery of a colony of pipistrelle bats was made by volunteers for the charity Sustrans to assess the wildlife along the popular cycle and walking route.
He now faces spending thousands of pounds re-homing the brown-long eared and pipistrelle bats before work can start to turn the barn near Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, into a twobedroom property Failure to comply with strict laws protecting bats from injury or disturbance could lead to the rocker being fined PS5,000 per bat or being jailed for six months.
Growth and development of the eastern pipistrelle bat, Pipistrellus subflavus.
2million [pounds sterling], now monitors around 400 endangered animals, birds or plants, including the water vole, pipistrelle bat, skylark and southern damselfly.
Tony handles all creatures great and small from elephants and rhinos to a pipistrelle bat no larger than his thumb.
The wood should become a haven for local wildlife such as the song thrush and pipistrelle bat.
The remarkably mild autumn saw swallows on Anglesey and Abergele and a house martin over the Great Orme last week, while a pipistrelle bat fed over RSPB Conwy.
But the man in question wasn't a blackclad superhero, and the visitor was just a tiny pipistrelle bat found hanging around in its roost in the loft of the property.
Derrick and Joan Griffiths outside the old church which they do not want to see turned into offices, with (inset) a pipistrelle bat and (left) Cllr Patricia Wyatt.
It is hoped the wood can become a haven for wildlife such as the song thrush and pipistrelle bat.
And as a Pipistrelle bat will eat between 1,500 and 3,000 midges every night it's easy to see the spin-off benefits for holidaymakers.
In previous elections they've been the usual motley collection of turtlenecked, folk singing, morris dancers with 70s haircuts and Moonie expressions, banging on about saving the pipistrelle bat, and how the only person who can do it is the Ned Flanders clone they're canvassing for.
A single pipistrelle bat can eat more than 3,000 insects in a night.
Yet we fail to consider our very own ecological heritage and recognise our own endangered species such as the water vole, common dormouse and pipistrelle bat.