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tropical woody vines and herbaceous plants having aromatic herbage and minute flowers in spikelets

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Verhuellia revisited--Unravelling its intricate taxonomic history and a new subfamilial classification of Piperaceae.
Os frutos utilizados como recurso trofico pelos morcegos pertenceram a quatro familias: Urticaceae, Moraceae, Solanaceae e Piperaceae (Figura 4).
Phytochemical investigations showed that plants of the family Piperaceae have several compounds such as esters, phenolic ethers, volatile oils, lignans, and pyrrolidine alkaloids (Gibbs, 1974).
Utility of ontogenetic and conventional characters in determining phylogenetic relationships of Saururaceae and Piperaceae (Piperales).
Piper nigrum, a plant of the Piperaceae is very remarkable because of the presence of the alkaloid piperine.
There are also families of vascular plants with epiphytic habits such as members of Polipodaceae, Asplaniaceae, Piperaceae, Cactaceae and Bromeliaceae (Brown 1995).
As espécies de Peperomia Ruiz et Pavon mostram caracteres florais que divergem de outros gêneros de Piperaceae, como gineceu com um carpelo, dois estames uniloculares, óvulos unitegumentados e gametófito feminino com 16 núcleos (Judd et al.
The angiosperms closest to the origin of monocots include Chloranthaceae and the Piperales (Aristolochiaceae, Lactoridaceae, Piperaceae, and Saururaceae), all of which do have vessels.
The genus Piper, a member of the family Piperaceae, contains over 700 species that occur widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics.
The genera of plants that produce fleshy fruits are too numerous to mention, but important plant families include Anacardiaceae (sumac, mango), Arecaceae (palm), Berberidaceae (barberry), Cactaceae (cactus), Capparaceae (capper), Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle), Cornaceae (dogwood), Cucurbitaceae (cucumber, squash), Ericaceae (blueberry, heather), Grossulariaceae (gooseberry, currant), Lauraceae (laurel), Moraceae (mulberry, fig), Myrtaceae (myrtle), Oleaceae (olive), Piperaceae (piper), Rhamnaceae (buckthorn), Rosaceae (blackberry, raspberry, cherry, apple, pear), Sapindaceae (soapberry), Solanaceae (nightshade), Viscaceae (mistletoe), Vitaceae (grape), and many others (Smith, 1977; Snow, 1981; Jordano, 2000).
Other families contributing two plants per family included Euphorbiaceae, Meliaceae, Piperaceae, Poaceae, and Rutaceae families.
Nipa litoralis Blanco English: Nypa palm Piper peepuloides Piperaceae 1.