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a small homemade bomb usually contained in a metal pipe

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Sheffield, R-Gatesville, pleaded guilty in 2001 to making a pipe bomb - but he says he meant no harm and wants to change the laws that led to his legal troubles.
A pipe bomb refers to a tightly- sealed section of a pipe filled with an explosive material.
The shotgun was buried with several cartridges while the pipe bombs were described as viable.
The pipe bombs were said to have been in the early stages of being contructed.
Judge David Hodson told him: "This was an amateurish rather than professional manufacture of these pipe bombs.
Owen said a search of the younger boy's house turned up Internet material on how to make bombs, pipe bombs, explosives and grenades; the material was found next to a computer in a bedroom.
Pipe bombs and plastic explosive can both be quite small and easily concealed on a person's body or in a bag.
30, 2001 planned date when drugstore employee Kelly Bennett spotted photographs of pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, guns and ammunition.
The pipe bombs were left in the Alexander Park area, sparking a security alert early yesterday morning.
In a statement it said: 'The West Belfast Brigade of the Ulster Defence Association left pipe bombs at Ewarts Playing Fields to be disposed of by the security services.
Officers recovered fragments of what was believed to have been an exploded pipe bomb close to the interface at Clandeboye Drive.
In the space of four days in January, pipe bombs were thrown through the windows of seven Catholic homes in Lame and Ballymena--sometimes when women and children were sleeping inside.
Over past years, at the same location, other pipe bombs were also discovered, but they were safely neutralized.
What's even scarier is that we've got nuclear pipe bombs all over America.
On Tuesday, the Department of Water Resources found five pipe bombs in the California Aqueduct system in Southern California's San Bernardino County.