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type genus of the Pipidae

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Opponents of SOPA and PIPA worry its policies could be resurrected quietly within a trade agreement outside the realm of public debate.
As it grows, PIPA will strengthen food, climate, and economic security for generations to come.
After sweeping online protests Wednesday, in which thousands of websites went dark for 24 hours, Congress postponed a vote scheduled Tuesday on PIPA, according to media reports.
We fear that the broad new enforcement powers provided under SOPA and PIPA could be easily abused against legitimate services like those upon which we depend.
statement says that SOPA and PIPA are over-reaching, and threaten to kill free
The statement did not specify whether President Obama would veto SOPA or PIPA.
While we regret having to prevent the world from having access to Wikipedia for even a second, we simply cannot ignore the fact that SOPA and PIPA endanger free speech both in the United States and abroad, and set a frightening precedent of Internet censorship for the world.
recounts an early experience in her education in which she heard a professor at UCLA demonstrate music on the pipa, (a type of Chinese lute).
The PIPA honours excellent service delivery by providers of products and services to UK occupational pension schemes, based on performance, innovation, service and competitive edge.
Oguike's dance piece is set to Chinese composer Tan Dun's Ghost Opera, a dramatic five-movement composition for string quartet and pipa (a Chinese four-stringed musical instrument).
Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell served as NLC's representative to the PIPA steering group tasked with developing the report.
Tibau do Sul on the country's eastern tip fits the bill for tranquil sunbathing while neighbouring Pipa Beach draws thousands to its bustling nightlife.
Finally, this essay employs nationwide data from May 2009 collected by PIPA in collaboration with the author.
Despite its overwhelming military power, America's war against Al-Qaeda is widely seen as having achieved nothing better than a stalemate and many believe that it has even strengthened Al-Qaeda," PIPA director Steve Kull said in a statement that accompanied the release of the report.
To meet this need, PHMSA initiated the year-long PIPA effort to develop risk-informed guidance for land-use planning near transmission pipelines.