Pinus albicaulis

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small pine of western North America

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Small isolated populations of Pinus albicaulis in Montana's Centennial Mountains are bordering on extinction.
Pinus albicaulis is a keystone species of sub-alpine forests.
shastensis Ceanothus cuneatus Picea engelmannii Ceanothus integerrimus Abies amabilis Arctostaphylos viscida Vaccinium scoparium Lonicera hispidula Ribes viscosissimum Rhus diversiloba Arctostaphylos nevadensis Amelanchier pallida Gaultheria ovatifolia Berberis piperiana Eastern Oregon Low Juniperus occidentalis Pinus albicaulis Quercus garryana Pinus contorta Artemisia arbuscula Pinus monticola Artemisia tridentata Tsuga mertensiana Chrysothamnus nauseosus Abies lasiocarpa Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus Abies magnifica var.
Grass and Artemisia pollen percentages are similar to those in surface samples collected from Pinus albicaulis parklands in the Wind River Range (Fall 1994) and Picea-Abies-Pinus albicaulis parklands in Yellowstone National Park (Baker 1976).
In subalpine forests of the Bitterroot Mountains in northwestern Montana, Pinus albicaulis appears to vary in its effect on Abies lasiocarpa along a gradient of stress.