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a pin or bolt forming the pivot of a hinge

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The weapon is attached to a standard Dillon Vertical Arm that is then fixed to the folding pintle.
It was thus a logical move for the Belgian company to move into the pintle mount world in order to provide integrated weapon systems for the most widely spread rotary-wing aircraft.
In PS 678 (May 09), we gave you the NSNs for the UH-60/CH-47 M240H solid mount assembly, the M240H solid mount assembly parts, the CH-47 M240H machine gun rear ramp mount assembly, and the M240H solid mount assembly pintles and associated equipment.
On the JY15 sailing vessel mentioned previously, two machined stainless steel gudgeons and two pintles were initially used to attach the rudder to the hull.
The gudgeons and pintles now are molded of Dow's Isoplast 40% long-glass-filled rigid thermoplastic polyurethane, providing a flexural modulus of 1.
General Dynamics' very small, lightweight actuators control the pintles that throttle the thrust for the TDACS.
The Fork Rhino, a fork lift ball hitch attachment, a device used to convert a fork lift into a versatile equipment handler capable of moving a variety of hitch equipment including ball hitches, goose necks and pintles, has now been adapted to handle a larger weight capacity.
You can identify these old-style pintles by the four staking marks on each side of the latch pin.
Prevent separation while towing by getting the upgraded pintle latch kit.
A second problem is that current production FMTV trucks now have the pintle extended eight inches to the rear from where the earlier FMTV pintles were mounted in relationship to the tow shackles.