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Saalmann worked with senior researcher Sabine Kastner, a professor in the Department of Psychology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute; and PNI researchers Xin Li, a research assistant; Mark Pinsk, a professional specialist; and Liang Wang, a postdoctoral research associate.
A former acolyte of the famed war correspondent, he describes Kapuscinski's improbable trajectory from a childhood of genteel poverty in a backwater called Pinsk to the glittering banquet halls of Europe and the Americas with love--albeit a tough love.
Es, sobre todo, un esfuerzo importante por situar a Kapuscinski en el lugar y el momento historico que le toco vivir, por comprender y explicar la manera en que este nino de la guerra nacido en Pinsk, comunista convencido durante casi toda su vida y revolucionario de salon, se convirtio en una leyenda del periodismo internacional.
Experiences in the American hinterlands have influenced the lives of even inveterate New Yorkers; the artist and educator Temima Gezari, for example, born in Pinsk in 1905 and raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, roadtripped to New Mexico with a couple of friends in 1931 to attend the Taos School of Art.
These and other transport communications influenced the development of such cities as Vitebsk, Polotsk, Pinsk, Slutsk etc.
Original publication was in Hebrew in 1973, by the Association of the Jews of Pinsk in Israel, a group of Holocaust survivors determined to remember all that they could about the human activity in a culture that had flourished for 500 years in Eastern Europe, and then was wiped out.
On April 5, 1919, the very night of the tumultuous meeting in Paris, Polish soldiers in Pinsk shot thirty-four Jewish civilians whom they suspected of Bolshevik sympathies.
Kapuscinski grew up in one of the poorest regions in the poorest part of east Poland, in the little town of Pinsk (part of Belarus since 1991).
Pinsk and Sabine Kastner, neuroscientists at Princeton University, in a comment published with the new report.
Era entonces un joven de 36 anos que de nino habia perseguido vacas en las llanuras de Pinsk y habia visto con asombro los tanques alemanes rodar sobre las colinas de Bielorrusia, y que mas tarde, adolescente, en un pais devastado por la guerra, habia estudiado historia en la Universidad de Varsovia.
Today Mattersburg resembles any suburb of Salzburg, Frankfurt, or Monchengladbach more than Brody, Pinsk, or Suceava.
Even such lesser known authors as Polyander, Pinsk, and Ricci (Tianzhu shiyi) are included.
After rising to the rank of second lieutenant in the Polish Cavalry, Rawicz was helping manage his family's estate at Pinsk when he was activated shortly before the Nazis invaded Poland from the west on September 1, 1939.
They've registered the church and the dioceses of Minsk, Pinsk, Grodno and Vitebsk," said Cardinal Kazimierz Swiatek, referring to the country's four dioceses.
They were silent for a few more moments, and then the father said, "I never really talked to you about Pinsk.