pink slip

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official notice that you have been fired from your job

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35 billion, revealed it would pinkslip 76% of its 1,695 staffers.
Still, the unstable homevid biz is enough of a problem that Sony this month said it will pinkslip 450 staffers from the studio in March.
Though it's owned by global production giant FremantleMedia, Talkback Thames was recently forced to pinkslip about a quarter of its workforce when cash-strapped ITV reduced the commitment to vet cop series "The Bill" from 96 episodes a year to 52.
Right from the start, "For the Love of Movies" cautions that film criticism currently is "a profession under siege," as newspapers and magazines pinkslip experienced scribes to slash expenses and/or skew younger.
The Pennsylvania Department of Labour stated that the pinkslips are effective September 28.