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butterworts: a large genus of almost stemless carnivorous bog plants

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h ms T N Lentibulariaceae Pinguicula involuta Ruiz & Pav.
Pepon[R] Capsules Each capsule contain: pumpkin seed oil 300mg PILKA[R] Drops 1ml contains 80mg of thyme extract, pinguicula (butterwort) and drosera (sundew), 1.
Diet of Pinguicula consists mainly of insects 1-4 mm long, mostly flying insects with Diptera contributing ca.
Flies are the main food for these plants and droseras and pinguicula catch them with superstrong insect glue and sheer muscle power.
Although both sites lacked such common bog genera as Utricularia, Burmannia, Lycopodiella, Pinguicula, Lachnocaulon, and Bartonia, with only cursory surveys of the other bogs in this area we found Lycopodiella, Burmannia, Uticularia, and Lachnocaulon at one or more of them.
Seasonal pattern of biomass allocation in flowering and nonflowering specimens of three Pinguicula species.
He's a blond, pink-faced man in his late 30s who speaks with the solemn precision needed to do justice to names like Sarracenia purpurea and Pinguicula moranensis.
x -- -- -- Genisto versicoloris-Cytisetum -- -- -- x -- nevadensis Teucrio compacti-Quercetum cocciferae -- x -- -- -- Thymo gracilis-Cistetum ladaniferi -- x -- -- -- Taxa -- -- -- -- -- Ranunculus girelai -- -- -- x -- Erysimum baeticum -- -- x x -- Artemisia chamaemelifolia -- -- x x -- Saxifraga trabutiana -- -- x -- -- Pinguicula grandiflora -- -- x -- -- Moehringia fontqueri -- -- x -- -- Centaurea pulvinata -- -- x -- -- Sideritis luteola -- x -- -- -- Table 8.
Zamora (1995) suggested the amount of adhesiveness of Pinguicula leaves influenced success in prey capture, which could be the case for Drosera based on the extensive amount of mucilage on its leaves.
H CM MTX LAURACEAE Litsea glaucescens Kunth AU DCA BQ, BC Persea liebmannii Mez AR MX BTS, BQ, BC, BMM LENTIBULARIACEAE Pinguicula macrophylla H CM BQ, BC Kunth Pinguicula moranensis H DCA BQ, BC, BMM Kunth var.
These included several species of Carex and Eriophorum sedges, and herbs such as Pinguicula vulgaris and Ranunculus aquatilis.
Lentibulariaceae, one of several carnivorous plant families, includes the genera Genlisea, Pinguicula, Polipompholyx, and Utricularia, which are distributed throughout tropical and temperate regions.
2009) and the spatial separation of flowers and traps, as has been suggested for species of Drosera and Pinguicula (Juniper et al.