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a game (trademark Ping-Pong) resembling tennis but played on a table with paddles and a light hollow ball

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Now both government plans return to the Lords next Monday for more ping-pong.
Mersey ping-pong stars were out in force at the launch in Liverpool One, including nine times Wirral and twice Liverpool men's singles champion Jonathan Taylor; 2015 Liverpool over-40s champion Steve Green; GB Paralympian Jack Hunter Spivey and England sisters Nicole Scott and Rachael Scott.
They say Plato would not understand ping-pong, for ping-pong is "not wholly given for the eye.
TOM: Since you brought up ping-pong paddles, let's work with that.
Hereby, we do not request or ask, but we strongly demand the management of the fair, at the next event, to set aside a day exclusively for men so that we too can shop sans tension of being turned into ping-pong balls
The Chinese PR machine thought of Ping-Pong as the "perfect instrument of Communist propaganda," and, Nicholas Griffin points out, "Nixon would be standing for re-election in 1972.
Joking that if you were to Google her name, her association with Ping-Pong would probably register higher than her Academy Awards or anything she's 'ever gotten in trouble for', Susan Sarandon has played the sport with a variety of stars.
The 12,000 sqft venue will feature 11 designer Ping-Pong tables, a bar, lounge and nightclub all serving a fusion of international cuisines, cocktails and other drinks.
In a demonstration that Blue Peter presenters would be proud of, that's what a team of US researchers have achieved in their lab at Purdue University, Indiana, by modifying a ping-pong gun, the Daily Mail reported.
We are up to three weddings now of people who have met at our ping pong nights, a couple of long-term relationships and a ping-pong baby.
VITALI KLITSCHKO will tune up for what he hopes will be a Brit-bashing 2012 - by playing ping-pong.
The new trend of ping-pong clubs has hit South Florida, with new locations opening up in Boca Raton and Miami Beach.
BIRMINGHAM is set to go ping-pong crazy this week with 55 tables popping up across the city's landmarks for a four-week stint.
Summary: Erbil will host an international ping-pong competition on January 26-29.
How ping-pong came to stand for the American Dream in its suburban iteration.