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a game (trademark Ping-Pong) resembling tennis but played on a table with paddles and a light hollow ball

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The tournament culminated in a championship event, in which the ground level of Park Avenue Plaza was transformed into a ping pong arena, complete with an emcee, music by a live DJ, and bleacher seating for spectators to take in all the action.
Ping pong tables will appear in surprising public locations across Newcastle, from parks and shopping centres to places including The Gate, Discovery Museum and the Cycle Hub.
Table tennis players make use of the ping pong tables during a previous Ping
Butterfly is the world leader in table tennis / ping pong equipment and gear.
The Ping Pong Dubai initiative was launched last summer by the Dubai-sponsored China national table tennis team, and the players made use of their presence for this week's ITTF World Tour Grand Final to take the initiative to the next level.
They will now be kept in production until summer 2014 when the colour will be changed as a part of a new initiative to colour scheme each Ping Pong season.
1 Xin Xu, along with Omar, unveiled a new initiative called Ping Pong Dubai on the sidelines of the just-concluded World Table Tennis Championships.
And with the launch of table tennis club SPiN Dubai at Wafi this month it seems ping pong is taking off in the UAE.
Our partnership with Mirah Hospitality, whose expertise in the Indian food and beverage sector, and successful integration of internationally acclaimed brands into this exciting emerging market, gives us an excellent first foothold in the region," said Daniel During, managing director, Ping Pong Dubai.
WHETHER you call it ping pong or table tennis, it's fast becoming one of the North East's most popular pastimes, as people of all ages and abilities discover a new way to improve their health and their social life.
THE city is going ping pong crazy after 64 free-to-use tables were set up for the summer.
The youngster, known as PeteInABox, has become an online sensation after posting a series of "trick shots" which see him throw ping pong balls into cups by bouncing them off walls, chairs and ladders.
The show's storyboard have deliberate similarities to the average American B-film script--a team of bleach-white youngsters are taught Eastern philosophy in record time and take ping pong to a transcendental level.
Her parrot Ping Pong, which has its own Twitter account, has been commentating on their rows and make-ups - calling Liz "evil keeper" and Shane the "big blonde".