Piltdown man

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a supposedly primitive man later proven to be a hoax

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Show students a cast or drawing of Piltdown Man (Gould, 1980) and ask them whether this fossil is ancestral to hominins.
You only have to look at "scientific" discoveries like the Piltdown Man and all the other socalled "missing links" which turned out either to be hoaxes or, in once case, just a pig's tooth.
But Wakefield's work was likened yesterday to the Piltdown Man hoax when fossils hailed as a missing link in human evolution turned out be bogus.
Oscar-winning writer and director Eric Simonson examines the most notorious archaeological hoax of history in Fake, an audiobook presentation that alternates between 1914 and 1953 while following journalists and archaeologists on their quest to learn who originally planted the alleged (and ultimately false) "missing link" of the Piltdown Man skull.
The fake Piltdown Man fooled the world's scientists for 40 years.
The Natural History Museum in London announces that the remains of Piltdown Man are part of an elaborate hoax.
THE discovery was hailed as the missing link between ape and man - but four decades later the Piltdown Man was branded the "biggest scientific hoax of the century".
An example of this is the famous Piltdown Man hoax.
Later Buckley would aptly write that Wechsler was so pure a liberal that he ought to be on exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution, for tourists and schoolchildren to gawk at, as they did at Piltdown Man.
It was the oldest finding to date, but was completely ignored by the scientific community because people still believed in the erroneous story of Piltdown Man.
Remarkable in a different way is the gloriously vibrant collection of Chinese monochrome porcelains amassed by the late Professor Teddy Hall, the scientist who pioneered thermoluminescence testing and debunked both the fakes of Piltdown Man and the Turin Shroud (he was also intrigued by testing the often complex composition of the glazes of his porcelains).
This book was originally published fifty years ago but it has been re-released to mark the anniversary of the discovery that the Piltdown Man was a fake.
The evidence available included the Piltdown man (discovered to be a fake 40 years later), Hesperopithecus (later found to be a pig's tooth), a vestigial organs list (almost nonexistent now), Haeckel's faked human embryo ``gill slits,'' and the misinterpreted Neanderthal man.
1:3-14) than for his relation to Piltdown Man or his alleged pro-Fascist sympathies
Barging has been likened (quite appropriately) to the biological equivalent of the Piltdown Man or cold fusion.