Piltdown hoax

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a supposedly primitive man later proven to be a hoax

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These sources may help us to understand the Piltdown hoax in a new light: as a piece of foolery in which Teilhard was involved, bur that went wrong to such an extent that those involved were reluctant to expose it.
Dropping the grim comment about involvement in the Piltdown hoax is a lot like some of the hit-and-run stuff that has been going on with people who want to maintain momentum behind such nonsense as whether President Obama was really born in Hawaii.
In The Panda's Thumb, a collection of essays on natural history, Stephen Jay Gould attributes the longevity of the Piltdown Hoax (almost fifty years) to the imposition of strong hope on dubious evidence and to the uncritical acceptance of a strange event that reinforced a cultural bias.
Here we find discussions of the Piltdown hoax and the potential dispute (actually resolved peacefully) between Darwin and Wallace concerning the credit for the discovery of evolution.
One consequence of the Piltdown hoax, though possibly not its original purpose, was to put a cloud over the career of Sir Arthur Smith-Woodard, Keeper of Geology of the British Museum (Natural History).