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a pale lager with strong flavor of hops


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121 Lafayette Road Hefeweizen, Pilsener, Black Lager, Brown
When the Czech Republic applied for an origin denomination for Pilsener, Peru refused because of the existence of a Peruvian "Pilsen" trademark.
this green-bottled brew is a diluted version of the classic Pilsener lager upon which America's biggest-selling beers are very loosely based.
SABMiller, the brewer of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Pilsener Urquell and Miller Genuine Draft, has appointed Cadbury Schweppes executive Nick Fell to the position of group marketing director.
Paper--Top Coated: Editorial Padilla (Dominican Republic) -- Presidente--Cerveza Tipo Pilsener
SABMiller, which brews Miller, Castle Lager and Peroni, now controls the second-largest brewer in South America, including the brands Aguila, Cristal, Pilsener and Atlas.
Lakeport said sales of its beer increased by 83%, led mostly by its Lakeport Pilsener and Lakeport Light lines, two of nine beer products, which range from light lagers to dark beer (its Wee Willy brand).
The Turkish firewater raki is available to wash it all down or you might want to stick with Efes Pilsener which is brewed from rice.
In the past two years, Holsten has re-launched draught and bottled Holsten Export in the UK and introduced German speciality beers including Duckstein, Franziskaner and Koenig Pilsener.
Fermentation locks, bottles, frozen mugs or tall pilsener glasses--pretty much the ones you like best.
Freedom Pilsener Lager is now available for pounds 1.
Alluding - cleverly I thought - to her home country's beer and her waistline, I wrote some mean comment comparing her shape to that of a Pilsener keg.
and Guam--Redhook Pilsner received a silver medal in the American-Style or International-Style Pilsener category, and Winterhook took home the bronze in the American-Style Amber/Red Ale category.
New Name for Flagship Pilsener and Dunkel: Warsteiner's flagship pilsener, WARSTEINER Premium Verum, is now WARSTEINER Premium German Pilsener.
3378 White Mountain Highway Pilsener Pale Ale, Brown Ale,