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a town in Czech Republic where Pilsner beer originated


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The story of beer in Pilsen -- Plzen in Czech -- goes back to its founding in 1295 by King Wenceslaus II who granted 260 citizens the right to brew beer in their homes.
As a variant of the Pale Pilsen brand, the BIR demanded that SMB pay a tax of P20.
In honor of them that the four-day Liberation Festival Pilsen has been held each year since 1990, after the country began anew following 41 years of post-war Soviet rule.
Pale Pilsen is in a steinie bottle while San Mig Light is packed in a tall, slim and transparent bottle.
This project includes rebuilding of part of the Pilsen Railway Station.
Giveen's story is a familiar one in Pilsen, where many low-income residents have been forced to move out as the neighborhood has grown popular for its proximity to Chicago's downtown.
While the Atelier is open for appointments six days a week, PRSVR also opens its doors every second Friday of the month as part of the Pilsen Art Walk.
Efes Pilsen Blues Festival is Turkey's longest running music festival with 2012 being the 23rd tour.
The Pilsen Banking Centre at 1625 W 18th St is said to have incorporated energy efficient features.
COLOGNE, Jul 11, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkey's leading brewer, Efes Pilsen initiated a campaign to promote its beer in the German city of Cologne.
Information technology company IBM (NYSE:IBM) and the ICT Administration Office of the City of Pilsen (SITMP), in the Czech Republic, have signed a new four-year contract, of undisclosed terms, under which IBM will develop an information system for the city, IBM announced on Thursday.
Gonzalez, a playwright-in-residence at Arizona's Childsplay, developed the play (running April 5-May 3 at Adventure Stages Chicago) through workshops with artists and youths in Pilsen, the Chicago neighborhood where it is set.
In Chicago's heavily Latino neighborhood of Pilsen, local gay-straight alliance clubs and Homofrecuencia, a Spanish-language radio program for queer youth, are sponsoring the second annual Noche de Arco Iris, a Latino queer prom, on May 26.
Why did General George Patton's Third Army race to control the Skoda Works at Pilsen in Czechoslovakia instead of heading for Berlin?
Stan James have made Galatasaray 6-4 favourites for the Efes Pilsen Cup, a friendly tournament for those teams who are currently on a winter break.