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a child's coin bank (often shaped like a pig)

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The controlling shareholders are running the organisation as a piggybank, while proclaiming propriety and espousing credibility," it said.
Medicare should not be used as a piggybank for Obamacare," Ryan said.
While her grandmother stuffed every cent she saved into Xing's piggybank, the younger woman spends more than half her $10,000 annual salary on shopping, travel, beauty and eating out.
Protesters from Save Our Savers smash a paper piggybank outside the Bank of England in London
Attempting to change public perception that she is an owlish academic who is overly wordy and serious, Tsai told supporters stories of people she met while campaigning and also mentioned the ''three little pigs'' of the so-called piggybank campaign.
A long white sock left on the ground contained a fistful of pennies: a weapon, not a piggybank.
Aguirre knows of another child whose piggybank savings are being collected "so that he can buy a bomb one day and blow up the television station" that callously broadcast images of the severed head of his slain father.
I burst with pride when I walk into Ella's room and discovered her, kneeling on the floor, itemizing the nickels, dimes, and quarters in her piggybank.
To corporations, he writes, "liberty is little more than a piggybank and a permissive marketplace.
When clubs bust open their piggybank for player payroll it is
It is like accusing your grandmother of breaking into your piggybank.
Does a $10 mil infusion into the MLS piggybank insure that the league's best bet for financial survival is to keep loaning Beckham out to anyone who really wants him?
The Pentagon's top acquisitions official, John Young, said the Defense Department intends to protect the JSF from becoming a piggybank for other programs.
It's easy to enter and just think, if you have one of the ten winning essays you'll be adding $5,000 to your piggybank in October 2007.