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a child's coin bank (often shaped like a pig)

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One can also get a new dollar debit card from 'Get Barter' and open a fixed deposit account from PiggyBank.
Aarti Sinha, a 27-year-old school teacher, taught her two-year-old son to use a piggybank simply because she wanted him to stop putting coins in his mouth.
Money for takeaways, parking, school trips and even the tooth fairy were among the reasons parents gave for piggybank pilfering.
Piggybanks may be our porcelain friends - but your cash could be better off elsewhere.
The letter states, "[O]ur organizations have united to emphatically let lawmakers know homeownership cannot, and must not, be used as the nation's piggybank.
and without getting their socks kicked off or breaking their piggybank.
In the US, it also means not viewing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a piggybank to be raided whenever budget arithmetic looks uncomfortable.
A piggybank and two jewellery boxes had been raided with several items missing including a Tiffany necklace and earrings.
The thief seemed only interested in cash and jewellery which is why he even tried to break the piggybank of my kids but didn't touch the laptops kept on the dining table.
You can have the badge," and she ran upstairs to put the coins in her piggybank.
Firdous Mohammad Farooq, a ninth grader at school in Musaffah, opened her piggybank with Dh1,300 of savings after watching the sufferings of earthquake victims on TV.
The Internet of things seems like a joke when you can buy a Wi-Fi piggybank called a Porkfolio (tinyurl.
The selfless nine-year-old decided to donate PS5 from his piggybank to an Edinburgh sandwich shop who are dishing out hot meals for the homeless on December 25.
Frankly, I cannot help but feel either humbled or absolutely terrified to be entrusted with such a piggybank.
Careful planning and research may reveal some close-to-home opportunities that will help you extend your season without forcing you to smash the piggybank and ferret out coins from beneath your couch cushions.