Pierre Auguste Renoir

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French impressionist painter (1841-1919)


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On September 8, 2011, an armed robber broke into a Houston, Texas home and stole the 1918 painting Madeleine Leaning on Her Elbow with Flowers in Her Hair by Pierre Auguste Renoir.
The nearby village of Essoyes is where artist Pierre Auguste Renoir settled in 1895 to paint summer landscapes and country characters.
Works from about 1882, like the small panel "Stone Breaker and Wheelbarrow, Le Raincy" show the mid-19th-century naturalist palette of subdued colors, but there is evidence of lively crisscross brushwork and a moderate use of color opposites as he became more aware of the works of the Impressionists, especially Camille Pissarro, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and Claude Monet.
19, 40 of Manet's paintings of boats, bathers and beaches, along with related watercolors and sketchbooks, are juxtaposed alongside works by 16 other artists, such as Eugene Delacroix, Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir and James McNeill Whistler.
Though those 19th century artistic rebels have dominated museum blockbuster shows and gift shops for the past 20 years, it turns out that, indeed, France actually had real artists before Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Pierre Auguste Renoir.
The collection includes works of such artists as Ansel Adams, Paul Cezanne, Leonardo DaVinci, Marcel Duchamp, Winslow Homer, Claude Monet, Georgia O'Keefe, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Pierre Auguste Renoir, John Singer Sargent, Andy Warhol and Andrew Wyeth.
Incluye, entre otros autores, a William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905), Adolphe Rene Lefebvre (1840-1868), Gustave Moreau (1826-1898), Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), Pierre Ribera (1867-1932), Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) y James Jacques Joseph Tissot (1836-1902).
Renoir, the son of impressionist painter Pierre Auguste Renoir, had as much of an impact on moving pictures as his father did on still lifes.