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The total payments to Pieris is expected to exceed CHF 415 million (~$409.
Laurent Audoly, CSO Pieris AG or Gretchen Schweitzer +49-172-861-8540 media@pieris-ag.
Yet there is a more fundamental point Klostermaier seems to have missed, which is that Pieris in important ways does not belong with the others in a class of "proponents of 'multiple religious belonging,'"(4) and therefore I would hesitate to describe him as "a major figure on the 'multiple religious belonging' scene.
Commenting on this development, Dr Andreas Hohlbaum, Director of Science and Preclinical Development of Pieris said: "As Pieris continues to validate the therapeutic application of its technologies, dual targeting is viewed as a major step forward.
The great thing about Pieris is that the evergreen foliage offers structural benefits all year round, particularly in winter and early spring when beds and borders can look bare.
The entire plant was in motion even while still, reminiscent of Pieris japonica covered in its spring filigree.
Pieris do best in acid soil that is moderately fertile, moist but well drained.
The case of postponing the talks will not arise, Constitutional Affairs and Industries Minister Lakshman Pieris, who will lead Colombo's delegation to the talks, told Kyodo News in an interview.
Pieris examines the Christian tradition in which he is rooted, because he firmly believes that unless Christians equip themselves with an experiential knowledge of their own spiritual tradition, they will not be prepared to "acknowledge, conserve and foster" the elements of an authentic spirituality found in other religions in the way the Second Vatican Council has invited them to.
Pieris here offers a collection of previously published essays that build on and apply important ideas familiar to readers of his earlier explorations in Buddhist-Christian dialogue, Love Meets Wisdom.
FREISING, Germany -- In a presentation yesterday at the 8th Annual European Antibody Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, Pieris AG presented for the first time data for its PRS-190 bispecific Anticalin program targeting the Th17 pathway.
Arpico Insurance Ltd (AINS), one of the subsidiaries of Richard Pieris and Company PLC, has made an announcement regarding its fund raising strategy worth Rs.