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Boston, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company, has collaborated with United States-based Pieris Pharmaceuticals.
With donkeys as part of everyday life now virtually obsolete, but with a sentimental fondness for the country's four legged friends, Pieris took it upon himself to create a home for these neglected animals and built the first of his two farms, Dipotamos Donkey Farm in Skarinou in 2002.
Investing in Pieris is the first time Ally Bridge ventures onto the German market.
The solid curves represent the generalized additive model fit to Pieris melete diapause data using 2 predictors: temperature and day-length.
This report is built using data and information sourced from Global Markets Direct's proprietary databases, Pieris AG's corporate website, SEC filings, investor presentations and featured press releases, both from Pieris AG and industry-specific third party sources, put together by Global Markets Direct's team.
The difference between Pieris on the one hand and Dupuis, Phan, Clooney, and Knitter on the other is not between universally better and worse justifications (implicit justifications, in Pieris's case) for multiple religious belonging.
Q All the leaves on my pieris forest flame are turning yellow and falling off.
FOREST Flame or Pieris is an ericaceous or acidloving plant, so it'll be fine if you can grow rhododendrons and camellias.
Pieris AG, (Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany) a bio-pharmaceutical company developing Anticalins, a novel class of targeted human protein therapeutics, said that its
For a shrub that changes with the seasons, Pieris is tough to beat.
Our `Spring choice' is Pieris japonica ( and what a winner it is.
The entire plant was in motion even while still, reminiscent of Pieris japonica covered in its spring filigree.
Pieris do best in acid soil that is moderately fertile, moist but well drained.