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the region of northwestern Italy

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In order to promote its musical heritage, Regione Piemonte has started a detailed census in every province of the region, coordinated by the Istituto per i Beni Musicali in Piemonte.
Piemonte, de Falco, and Basile present this volume on strategies for maintaining chemical production in the face of inevitable declines in petroleum feedstocks for energy and bulk small molecules.
After first aid by nurses who were also attending the course, Piemonte was taken to a hospital and released a few hours later.
The certification of Argelia and Piemonte in El Salvador is the first step towards a stronger presence of Utz Kapeh in the region.
Not every DOCG wine justifies its status; in Piemonte, Asti Spumante can never be regarded as a great wine, but the red DOCG wines based on the Nebbiolo grape certainly can.
A mud slide in the village of Fenis, in the Alpine Aosta Valley, killed five people, the Ansa news agency reported, while two more people were swept away as the Stura, Po and Dora Riparia rivers in Piemonte surged over their banks.
Emmy-Winner Peewee Piemonte signs on as Director of Skate God
Regarding the expectations for the line, Diane Piemonte, Revman's vice president of creative services, said in an interview with HFN, "People are fascinated by 'Antiques Roadshow.
CSI-Piemonte, responsible for delivering IT solutions to public bodies in the Piemonte region of Italy, conducted extensive research as it searched for a platform for the development of business services for local public administration.
Implementing agency : Societa di Committenza Regione Piemonte SpA S.
Diane Piemonte, vice president of creative services of Revman, said this is the first time 400-thread-count cotton sateen sheets are featured.
GRENOBLE, France -- Adebag (Grenoble, Rhone-Alpe, France), Bioindustry Park (Turin, Piemonte, Italy) and BioAlps (Western Switzerland) announce the signature of a partnership agreement which will create a zone of transalpine excellence in the sectors of bio- and medical technologies, the first European BioAlpine Convention.