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a genus of birds of the family Alcedinidae

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The Pied Kingfisher is stunning in black and white, the underparts white with, in the female one and in the male two, black breastbands.
The Pied Kingfisher is a large (26cm) black and white bird that is distinctive for its fishing technique.
There have been weaver birds, nun birds, yellow-crowned and blueheaded parrots, scarlet macaws, night jars, yellow-headed vultures, pied kingfishers, fish eagles And that's before you start on the insects, including tarantulas and electric blue morpho butterflies.
Dazzling white breasted and pied kingfishers were a common sight, and in the mid morning, large kettles of migrating raptors and storks passed overhead - steppe, imperial, booted and short toed eagles; white and black storks, and from the top of Mount Yo'ash above Eilat, 436 steppe buzzards thermalling through in an hour reminded me of the crucial importance of this strip of land for Europe's migrating birds.
A felucca (traditional broad-bottomed sailing boat) quietly and slowly takes you over to the silence of that shore where pied kingfishers hover like large humming birds over the shallows, elegant white ibis scuttle through the reeds, and camels and buffalo are driven to their immemorial tasks.
Pied kingfishers hover over open water to capture fish.
As I waded upstream, two greater pied kingfishers flashed overhead, while a white egret wet its yellow feet in a shallow riffle.