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a genus of birds of the family Alcedinidae

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Collared Kingfishers (Todiramphus cloris) rammed termitaria with closed bills (Miller 1937), but Pied Kingfishers (Ceryle rudis) loosened soil, once they were excavating within the tunnels, by stabbing with open mandibles (Douthwaite 1978).
Cormorants sat on the bare stump that jutted out of the waters; two herons joined them later; a pied kingfisher flew in, hovered awhile, and plunged into the waterC*
Flexible helper structure as an ecological adaptation in the Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle rudis).
There have been weaver birds, nun birds, yellow-crowned and blueheaded parrots, scarlet macaws, night jars, yellow-headed vultures, pied kingfishers, fish eagles And that's before you start on the insects, including tarantulas and electric blue morpho butterflies.
Dazzling white breasted and pied kingfishers were a common sight, and in the mid morning, large kettles of migrating raptors and storks passed overhead - steppe, imperial, booted and short toed eagles; white and black storks, and from the top of Mount Yo'ash above Eilat, 436 steppe buzzards thermalling through in an hour reminded me of the crucial importance of this strip of land for Europe's migrating birds.