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Patients were tested for the above respiratory viruses if they met the clinical case definition for a moderate or severe acute respiratory infection (SARI), [14] had household contact with suspected H1N1 infection, or at the discretion of the PICU consultant.
This study explored the experience of parents who had a child die in the PICU and their ideas for making this experience better or less agonising for others.
Among those who died, 4 patients were not admitted to a PICU (Figure 1).
Antibiotic prescription in PICU was imposed by definite clinical indications, guided by microbial studies as it was described in detail previously.
What is the impact of providing parental bed spaces in the PICU, allowing for continual parental presence, on parental stress levels?
A study comparing small PICUs and large general ICUs, both having a similar paediatric volume, would be of great interest.
In Northern California, the distance between PICUs in Sacramento and the nearest PICU to the north (in Portland, OR) is more than 600 miles.
Picus Communications, operators of a nationwide ISP service, has implemented Feature Group D-based IP telephony service, based on Clarent's technology.
a leader in carrier- grade, phone-to-phone, IP telephony solutions and Picus LLC parent company of Picus Communications, operators of a nationwide ISP Service (Picus Internet), a national ISP Customer Care/Technical Support Service (Picus Customer Care), Local Phone Service (Picus Local-Link), and Long Distance Service (Picus Clear-Link), have announced that Picus has implemented the world's first Feature Group D-based IP telephony service.
Councilmember Joy Picus of Los Angeles shared her experience in recapturing a neighborhood park in a section of Los Angeles.
A similar study among 21 pediatric intensive care units (PICUs), spearheaded by Sharek and Packard Children's PICU fellow Swati Agarwal, MD, is presently underway.
Although Randolph [10] asserts that using an infrequent event such as death in an ICU may not be the most appropriate approach to measuring quality of care, because morbidity issues and ICU utilisation in terms of LOS are not addressed in this way, these models do give an indication of how well PICUs function at their core purpose, namely preventing death in critically ill children.
Third, our PICU has low MRSA incidence rates and may have a low prevalence of MRSA colonization at the time of admission compared with other PICUs.
The analysts who purport to have assembled this knowledge are led by two professors, Lawrence Picus of the University of Southern California and Allan Odden of the University of Wisconsin.