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When we looked at the patients we were transferring to the PICU, nothing else was happening to them--all they were getting was continuous albuterol once they got there," Dr.
PICU is an essential component of children hospitals as it constitutes about 8-10% of all children hospital's beds.
Patients were tested for the above respiratory viruses if they met the clinical case definition for a moderate or severe acute respiratory infection (SARI), [14] had household contact with suspected H1N1 infection, or at the discretion of the PICU consultant.
Conclusion: Acute neurological disorders were common in PICU and were associated with higher mortality.
This is a prospective cohort study on 404 patients who had been admitted consecutively to the PICU during a period of 12 months (July 2011 to June 2012).
Patient records were included if the patient was discharged from PICU during the month of November 2009, using the form A (n = 85) or February 2010, using the form B (n = 49).
The National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) PICU FOCUS Group noted this variability and created an updated survey to describe the current scope of practice and professional facets of PICU NPs.
Many children die in the United States (US) each year and most die in hospital settings, frequently in PICU (Angus et al.
Comparative analyses were performed on the basis of the Wilcoxon rank-sum test for continuous variables and Fisher exact test for categorical variables only for patients admitted to a PICU.
3 There are no comparative studies, however, examining the relative contribution of NI or CI to the PICUs hard endpoints of outcome (MEDLINE search).
Are there differences in stress levels or sources of stress based on parent gender, ethnicity, prior experience with PICU, planned or unplanned hospitalization, or child intubation between parents in the PICUs with or without parent bed spaces?
Arguments in favour of transferring critically ill children to PICUs include: evidence suggesting that outcomes for such children are better in specialised centres; the harnessing of a volume effect to improve outcomes further; and more efficient use of resources by centralisation.
I join with Professors Picus and Odden in seeking effective school-finance policies.
Hartman suggested that hospitals with PICUs may have more effective triage than hospitals with only adult ICU beds.