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a heavy iron tool with a wooden handle and a curved head that is pointed on both ends


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Police later checked CCTV which showed Organ leaving the pub with a pickaxe handle which he normally kept in his office.
He said he took the wooden pickaxe handle, a tool of his trade, from the van and threatened Thompson with it.
On arrival the victim, armed with a bat, and Keith Spillane, wielding a pickaxe handle, entered with their hoods pulled up, while Delaney's unarmed brother Finbarr had his head uncovered.
He was still on licence from a five-year sentence for robbery - raiding a house and threatening a woman inside with a pickaxe handle - when he triggered the siege on March 30.
He said he quickly grabbed a pickaxe handle, which his son had told him to keep by the front door "just in case", before the intruder came downstairs towards him.
A BURGLAR who targeted several homes including one in north Warwickshire was caught after a brave pensioner broke his nose with a pickaxe handle.
The drug dealer told the jury it had been his girlfriend who had landed the fatal blows with a pickaxe handle.
A MAN who broke a youth's arm with a pickaxe handle has been spared jail after a court heard his family had been "forced from their home" by anti-social behaviour.
The 33-year-old Berry Brow man was chased to his death by three men armed with a pickaxe handle on June 22 last year.
Police discovered a pickaxe handle and blood splattered in the flat after Mr McGreevy was bludgeoned about the head.
Steven Dunne travelled to Liverpool city centre from his home in North Wales, armed with a two-foot pickaxe handle, to confront a man he believed was having a sexual affair with his wife.
He was armed with a pickaxe handle and was with a man with a machete.
Despite the padding, half a ton of horse hitting a top bar at speeds of between 30 and 40 miles per hour must be akin to a human's shins being hit at full strength by someone wielding a pickaxe handle.
Quick-thinking Gary grabbed a pickaxe handle while Dan lay down in the street underneath him as the car went past.
A BRAIN-DAMAGED dad waved a pickaxe handle in front of a mum after he "flipped his lid" over littering around his home, a court heard.