Phytolacca americana

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tall coarse perennial American herb having small white flowers followed by blackish-red berries on long drooping racemes

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reticulata Tangelo Discorea bulbifera Air potato Citrus sinensis Orange Rubus cuneifolius Sand blackberry Baccharis halmifolia Groundsel Smilax smalli Lance-leaf greenbrier Passiflora incarnata Passion vine Weeds Poinsettia cyathophora Painted leaf Cnidoscolus stimulosus Tread softly Phyllanthus urinaria Chamber bitter Desmodium tortuosum Florida beggarweed Oldenlandia corymbosa Old world diamond-flower Richardia scabra Florida pusley Digitaria ischaemum Smooth crabgrass Chenopodium ambrosioides Mexican tea Phytolacca americana Pokeweed Melothria pendula Creeping cucumber Cyperus globulosus Globe sedge Bidens alba Beggarticks Ambrosia artemisiifolia Common ragweed Amaranthus hybridus Smooth pigweed Semiaquatic or aquatic plants Colocasia esculenta Wild taro Typha sp.
5m (5ft) pokeweed, Phytolacca americana, with spikes of glistening black fruits, though they are poisonous, to little lily-of-the-valley, which sometimes produces red berries - remarkably large when compared with the tiny flowers - and often outlasting the leaves.
However, the two most common species, Phytolacca americana and Rubus allegheniensis, merit closer inspection because they responded differently to transplantation.
Pulsatilla - a flower derivative - and phytolacca americana were prescribed for the arthritic condition, together with formica rufa - derived from red ants - injections into her limbs.
The gap became dominated by Rubus allegheniensis Porter and Phytolacca americana L.