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For example excellent AChE inhibitors such as physostigmine and the more recent addition, galanthamine and huperzine A were isolated from Physostigma venenosum, Galanthus species and Huperzia serrata, respectively (Hostettmann et al.
Eserine [(3 [Alpha],S-[Alpha])-1,2,3,3 [Alpha],8,8 [Alpha]-Hexahydro-1,3 [Alpha],8-trimethylpyrrolo (2,3-b) indol-5-ol methylcarbamate] is an ester obtained from calabar beans, the seeds of the vine Physostigma venenosum.
Several other members are Melilotus, Copaiva, Physostigma, Lathyrus, Indigo, Chrysarobin urn, Trifolium repens, Robinia, and Mimosa pudica.
Physostigma venenosum was used traditionally in Africa as a ritual poison, claimed to determine the guilt or innocence of person accused of a crime.
Along with the prototype inhibitor of AChE physostigmine, obtained from the plant Physostigma venenosum, other molecules with highly significant anti-cholinesterase activity are huper-zine-A, galantamine, [alpha]-viniferin and ursolic acid obtained from Huperzia serrata, Galanthus nivalis and Narcissus sp.