Portuguese man-of-war

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large siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles

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v][beta] previously cloned from the cnidocytes of the tentacles of Physalia physalis is expressed in those cnidocytes, presumably as part of heteromeric voltage-gated [Ca.
Taxonomic redescription of the Portuguese man-of-war, Physalia physalis (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Siphonophorae, Cystonectae) from Brazil.
Interestingly, the phyllosomas had no problems in associating with and feeding on Portuguese man-of-war, Physalia physalis (Fig.
This species is not toxic and causes neither moderate nor severe poisoning in humans, unlike Physalia physalis, another species reported in Chilean waters whose toxins produce severe systemic complications (Vera et al.
Specimens of Chrysaora quinquecirrha (Desor, 1848) (Class Scyphozoa), Physalia physalis (Linnaeus, 1758), Porpita porpita (Linnaeus, 1758) Cladonema (sp.