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Synonyms for hunting

Synonyms for hunting

the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone

the work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts

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Join culinary adventurer Michael Klauber (Michael's On East) this June on the Connoisseur Club's 10-day South Africa big game photo safari ($8,145) with four-day Cape Town and South African wine tour extension through Admiraltravel.
and featuring Annie Griffiths, a National Geographic photographer, who will share her tips and tricks with the campers, ages 5 to 12, as they use digital cameras on a Photo Safari through the resort, followed by an ice cream social and presentation for the whole family.
As for the helicopter photo safari, "All the journalists enjoyed the helicopter ride," said Yousef Al-Muhsen, news director for Muthanna TV Station, one of the biggest media outlets in Muthanna.
All four DVDs are enthusiastically recommended to wildlife lovers, and perfect for armchair travelers, or anyone who would love to experience (or relive) the thrill of an African photo safari.
will lead the 2008 Photo Safari to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area on Jan.
It quickly developed into a point where you could find ads for a $3,000, fiveday tour of Cuba in between a photo safari in Kenya and a voyage through the Aleutian Islands.
When I look at what we're doing to them in the zoo, I don't think it's appropriate,'' said Zine, who recounted his experience seeing elephants in the wild while on a photo safari to Africa.
I always bring a pal and play "Celebrity Photo Safari," where you try to get as many photos as you can of yourself with your head next to someone famous.
After sitting in that blind and spending a couple of days on a photo safari with my wife, I have managed to come up with a whole new list to try for next time.
At one point during our photo safari, we were watching a solitary trumpeter swan flying high overhead when a ram Chasing one of the ewes darted through the aromatic sagebrush, not 10 yards away.
According to Jackson, Khama and Derek Joubert, world-renowned videographer and an outspoken opponent of lion hunting, own a photo safari lodge together.
The brewery will support the brand with a fall sweep-stakes offering the chance to win on Autumn Adventure to Yellowstone National Park Lodges, one winner will travel to the park for five days, with paid accommodation, meals, a photo safari and additional park excursions included.
For now, we'll take you on a photo safari for a look at these mechanical marvels.
Work your way through activities and games like the Pixelator and Photo Safari to earn stickers for your Amazing Animal Expert booklet.
Join our Amazing Batanes Photo Safari from September 2016 to April next year.